Wild Woman: Your Nature is Calling

Hear what past Wild Women students have to say about the program:

“This class helped me to trust myself and my relationship to nature. It helped me open my heart more and to feel more comfortable in a group. Jolie has a truly unique and beautiful way of communicating with nature and opening up the potential in others. She embodies wisdom and attunement that I have known is possible and am now opening up in myself.  I loved that there were AMAZING women that I wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise as well as outside time, and inspiration for deepening my nature relationship.” 

Lauren Kemple

Artist, Mother, Herbalist and Teacher

 And did you get what you wanted from this life even so?

I did.

And what did you want?

To call myself beloved to feel myself beloved on the Earth.

Raymond Carver


“I was looking for something. My nature was calling me and I came across this class. I wasn’t aware then just how much I needed to connect with my wild self.  Not only did I do that, but I built a stronger relationship to that self,  to other strong like-minded women, and the nature within and without.” 

Taurie Michele

Massage Therapist

“Prior to the program my heart and soul were starved of sisterhood and intimate vulnerable connections. I feel so blessed to have made new friends here and feel supported by the Earth. And I learned so much from Jolie’s effervescent flow of wisdom. This program has been a huge part of my healing – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I appreciate it. It was really life changing!”

Kristin Nance


“There is nothing more powerful that joining with a group of women who are all holding the same intention to go wild – what ever that means having to do with nature, with botany, with womanhood in general, with uncovering things that are there to be discovered- but doing it with a group of committed women is amazing.   Jolie holds the space in such an incredible way. Its been a real blessing.”

Candace Doyle

Mother, and woman who loves to swim with dolphins

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to look at really deep questions about the world and my place in it. Things that I never would have done without this course.  It has totally shifted my whole reality and I feel closer to the land.”

Vicki Davis

Retired – Wild Woman Student 2019