Jolie Egret Elan

June 19, 1969—November 30, 2020
Remembering Jolie

Awaken Your Nature

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VIDEO: Intelligence of Nature

Jolie speaks with Herbalist Matthew Wood about the Intelligence of Nature.  Learn more about GoWild’s program HERE.


Roots of Resilience for Uncertain Times

Roots of Resilience - 5 part webinar

Reawaken your radical interconnectedness to all life.   Be part of the Earth Healing herself as we move through the Great Turning toward a life-sustaining future.  Delve into the Work that Reconnects. 

The Intelligence of Nature

The Intelligence of Nature

Join Ethnobotanist and Deep ecologist Jolie Elan as we explore some mind-blowing discoveries in the fields of Deep Ecology and Plant Intelligence. Discover the radical intelligence of our Nature. Two-hour online class

Wisdom of the Oaks - Education Program

Students embark on an ecological and culinary adventure to explore the oak web of life and how we are woven within this web

Earth Wisdom, Herbalism, and Ethnobotany

We offer a wide range of programs for your school, organization, or group. We also lead foraging adventures.

Online Training - Botany for Herbalists

Go Wild Institute - Botany for Herbalists

Taught by Master Herbalist Matthew Wood and Jolie Elan. This class provides herbalists with foundational knowledge of botany. 

The Language of Nature: Intro to the Gaian Tongue

Language of Nature

Learn to interpret the language of nature.  Grow your ability to source directly from our Earth for healing and wisdom.

Nature Communication Class Forming

We want to hear from you - this class is currently being developed. What are you interested in?

Botanical and Ethnobotanical Consulting

From rare plant surveys to ethnobotanical inventories, Go Wild offers botanical expertise. 

Go Nuts.
Join the WILD Conversation!

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 Roots of Resilience in Uncertain Times:

5-Part Webinar in The Work that Reconnects

Due to popular demand, we have opened new sections. 

Facilitated by Molly Young Brown and Jolie Elan