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Go Wild Institute weaves science, myth, and spirit to foster wonder and balance within the great web of life. We rekindle an innate sense of belonging to the natural world. Go Wild Institute specializes in fun experiential educational programs that delve into Earth Wisdom, Ethnobotany, and Deep Ecology for people of all ages and walks of life. We also offer botanical and forestry consulting services.  

We belong to a sentient, sacred, intelligent, and vastly interconnected planet. Yet, many of us feel amputated from our nature.  In truth, it is impossible to separate ourselves from nature because we ARE nature: Our bones are made from rock; we are bodies of water; and with every breath we take, we conspire with plants.  Our well-being is inextricably linked to the welfare of our planet.

This world view is shared by most Earth-based indigenous societies. However, the current paradigm of Western society views humans as separate, and above nature. This is at the root of our environmental crises. When we change our relationship to nature, we change how we impact our environment.

Our programs have helped thousands of diverse human beings deepen their relationship with the Earth, Self, and Spirit.

Wisdom of the Oaks - Education Program

Students embark on an ecological and culinary adventure to explore the oak web of life and how we are woven within this web

Earth Wisdom, Herbalism, and Ethnobotany

We offer a wide range of programs for your school, organization, or group. We also lead foraging adventures.

Botanical and Ethnobotanical Consulting


From rare plant surveys to ethnobotanical inventories, Go Wild offers botanical expertise. 

Wild Woman: Your Nature is Calling

A five month program for women to connect to nature, build a wild sisterhood, and (re)source from Mother Earth.

Online Training - Botany for Herbalists

Go Wild Institute - Botany for Herbalists


Taught by Master Herbalist Matthew Wood and Jolie Elan. This class provides herbalists with foundational knowledge of botany.

Private Mentoring with Jolie Elan

Jolie Elan M.S. Go Wild Institute

In these times of change, I can help you to tap into the wisdom of the Earth for insight, growth, and healing.

Upcoming Event:

Roots of Resilience in Uncertain Times:

A Five-Part Webinar in The Work that Reconnects.

Five Wednesday Evenings beginning on April 22.

Facilitated by Molly Young Brown and Jolie Elan


Never has humanity known so dramatically our interconnection: we are all in this together.  Either we recognize this and live accordingly, or we are likely to perish together along with our more-than-human relations. How can we best respond to the physical and psychic viruses of our times? Everywhere we turn we see the Great Unraveling of our society. Between the pandemic and global climate change, racism, poverty, etc, it’s clear we can’t continue with Business As Usual.   The fear, grief, anger, and helplessness we feel can be unbearable because it’s not just our personal pain: it’s the collective pain of all life on Earth. When we come together and liberate our natural feelings about our world, we realize our radical interconnectedness and become part of the Earth healing herself.  It is essential that we do this work now. This precise moment in time is an opportunity for unprecedented transformation, a time to root into the wisdom of our living planet. 


The Work That Reconnects offers practices to reawaken our innate bonds with each other and our sacred living Earth to guide us in the Great Turning toward a life-sustaining future. Pioneered by root teacher Joanna Macy, the Work That Reconnects draws on ancient spiritual traditions, deep ecology, and system thinking. 


In this webinar series, we grow our resilience in these uncertain times. We will move through the Spiral of the Work That Reconnects, beginning with Gratitude, then Honoring Our Pain for the World, Seeing with New Eyes, and Going Forth. We will connect to our ancestors and descendants in “Deep Time.” We call in Community Organizers, Teachers, Healers, Warriors, Parents, Spiritual leaders, and everyone working in service of life. Join us in exploring and responding to the complex nature of our times.


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