About GoWild Institute

Go Wild Institute weaves science, myth and spirit to awaken our Nature and find wonder and balance within the great web of life. We rekindle an innate sense of belonging to the natural world. We specialize in fun experiential programs that delve into Earth Wisdom, Ethnobotany and Deep Ecology for people of all ages and walks of life.

What We Believe

In these times, many people feel disengaged from nature on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. However, in truth it is impossible to separate ourselves from nature because we ARE nature. Our bones are made from rock, we are bodies of water, and every breath we take swirls through tree canopies that make oxygen, which is essential for our inspiration.

We are intricately woven into a great web of life which is spun in sweetness made from sunshine. Our well-being is inextricably linked to the welfare of our planet. Every act we take impacts our environment, for better or worse. This philosophy is shared by many Earth-based societies. However, the current paradigm of Western Society views humans as separate from nature. This is at the root of our environmental crises. When we change our relationship to nature, we change how we impact our environment.

Our programs have helped thousands of diverse human beings deepen their relationship with the Earth.

Thank you Jolie for all your energy and effort towards such an amazing week. I can’t say it enough how inspiring that week was for me! Can’t wait to buy a loupe and keep building my knowledge 🙂

— Allison Smith, Participant at Ethnobotany of the Sierra Nevad