Natural Science Consulting

Go Wild helps our clients identify and census natural resources whether they are rare or threatened species or wild foods growing in your own backyard. We also help our clients discover and sustainably use wild plants for food and medicine. Go Wild bridges the gap between botanical science, herbal medicine, and conservation.

Ethnobotanical Expertise

Go Wild provides ethnobotanical expertise to support you in your land stewardship project. We help you restore, interpret, and use the medicinal and edible plants on your site sustainably. Ethnobotany is the study of relationships between plants and people. It is precisely these relationships that the public, your stakeholders ( e. g. members or funders ) will find unique and intriguing about your project.

For more information on this subject, contact Matthew Wood through our Online Botany program.

Custom Guides to the Fascinating Plants on Your Land

If you steward a piece of ground – it could be your backyard or a land trust you manage – we can familiarize you with your local plants, their uses and stories. Go Wild performs ethnobotanical inventories and creates beautifully illustrated reports that contain the following information about each of the useful and fascinating plants on your land.

    • Pictures
    • Descriptions and identifying features
    • Herbal, edible and cultural uses
    • Stories, folklore and history
    • Recipes and herbal remedies
    • Natural history
    • Plant communities and ecological relationships
    • Recommendations for holistic land management and restoration