Earth Wisdom, Herbalism, Ethnobotany Classes

Classes and Programs:

Go wild offers programs in botany, ethnobotany, ecology, herbalism, and wild food foraging throughout the West.  We teach modern science from the deep ecology perspective that the Earth is alive, sentient, and intelligent. We customize experiential programs for schools (k-12), organizations, land managers, and private groups. Go Wild frequently offers enrichment programs for docents, educators, and volunteers.  We lead wild birthday adventures and cater them with wild foraged foods. We also offer personal mentoring.   

Subjects We Cover:

  • Botany and Plant Identification
  • Wild Foods Foraging and Processing
  • Herbalism
  • Wild Medicine Making
  • Medicinal Plant walks
  • Ecology
  • Deep Ecology
  • Language of Nature
  • Plant Spirit journeys 
  • Work that Reconnects

Who we’ve worked with:

Your Guide: Jolie Elan M.S.

Most classes are taught by ethnobotanist Jolie Elan M.S., the Founder and Director of Go Wild Institute. Jolie takes her job as liaison to the natural world seriously and has has taught thousands of diverse people of all ages to deepen their connection with Nature. With a Master’s degree in Natural Resources coupled with twenty five years of herbal medicine studies, Jolie is blends science, myth, and spirit to help her students find joy, belonging, and healing in the great web of life. Her love of nature is palpable and contagious. When she was six years old a nature teacher changed her life. She is paying that forward.  For more information about Jolie click here

What People Say About Our Classes: 

“Your class was an absolute pleasure. It’s so nice to learn from someone who is so passionate about what they teach. And, so nice to learn from someone who knows so much but isn’t the least bit pretentious and welcomes questions from folks of all skill levels.”

Amanda Myers

Supervising Librarian, Berkeley Public Library

“Your walk/talk rocked!”

Terry Cummings

Participant, Oakland Zoo Nature Walk

“I was really blown away by the class. I have taken medicinal plant classes before and this was by far the best!”

Christine Hagelin

 “Your session was extremely inspiring for me!”

Brian Westlund

Environmental Educator, NatureBridge

 “Thank you so much for your wonderful plant knowledge and for sharing the confusing world of botany and plant keys with us. You made it fun and accessible”

Corrina Blaney Furrow

 “I’ve been telling everyone who’ll listen about how much I enjoyed learning about the local plants”

Jordan Breslow

 “It was beyond our expectations for interest and just plain enjoyment.”

Rebecca Sherwood and Dic Motta

Participants, Wild Foods Class at Hidden Villa Ranch