The Intelligence of Nature

The Intelligence of Nature

with Ethnobotanist and Deep Ecologist Jolie Elan M.S.

Indigenous wisdom holds that the Earth is sentient and intelligence, now cutting-edge science is coming to the same conclusion. For example, when pine trees get over-heated, they release aerosols that create clouds to deflect solar radiation. Tobacco plants overrun by pests chemically enlist helper bugs to eat the pests. The field of Plant Intelligence (A.K.A Plant Neurobiology) shows that plants smell, taste, make clear choices, exhibit learned behavior, and share resources with the sick and needy.  When viewed through a Gaian lens even the coronavirus, which many believe is “not alive,” is highly intelligent, and just might have the capacity change the genetic code of every human on Earth.

VIDEO: Intelligence of Nature

Jolie speaks with Herbalist Matthew Wood about the Intelligence of Nature

The intelligence of nature extends far past individual and multiplies through the diverse community members (fungi, bacteria, viruses, animals) who team up in highly intelligent ecosystems. That’s pretty smart. Join Ethnobotanist and Deep ecologist Jolie Elan as we explore some mind-blowing discoveries in the fields of Deep Ecology and Plant Intelligence.

Discover the radical intelligence of our Nature.

Workshop Facilitators

“Jolie guides us through many examples where the intelligence of Nature truly shines and helps strengthen our knowledge that plants show a thought process or make ‘informed decisions’ about their everyday lives. It was a truly fascintating learning opportunity and I am grateful that you’re making this learning opportunity available to us. 

Pat Magoon

Jolie Elan, M.S., S.D

Jolie is the Founding Director of Go Wild Institute. She is a deep ecologist, ethnobotanist, consulting botanist, and educator. She has inspired thousands of people to deepen their relationship with nature. Jolie has worked with ethnobotanical projects on four continents including restoring sacred forest groves in India and developing the herbal medicine sector in war torn Kosovo. Jolie is also a certified permaculture designer and a seasoned environmental advocate with twenty years of experience building diverse networks, especially with Indigenous groups focused on protecting sacred sites. Combining her love for the earth and spirit, Jolie completed her training as a Spiritual Director and acts as a spiritual companion for those who wish to increase their intimacy with the divine, especially through the natural world.  You can learn more about her here

Class Includes:

  • 105 minute presentation (webinar recording with slideshow presentation)
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  • Audio only file to easily re-listen while in the car, on your phone, or with slow internet.
  • Q&A with teacher with recording
  • 1-year access to recording and online Q&A with our teacher, Jolie!

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