Letter from the Future

Letter from the Future

In this writing exercise, we identify with a human living on Earth one or two centuries from now and, from that perspective, see our current efforts and receive counsel and encouragement.Letter from the Future

With eyes closed, imagine you can journey forward through coming generations and identify with a human living one or two hundred years from now.  You need not figure out this person’s circumstances, but only imagine that they are looking back at you in your present life.

Now imagine what this being would want to say to you.  Open your mind and listen.  Now begin putting it on paper, as if this future one was writing a letter just to you.

The simple act of writing these letters can help you tap into the wisdom of the ages for guidance and direction in the Great Turning. These letters are often meaningful to others so you may want to read your letter to family members or friends or share them with our Facebook group.

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