As the fires of racism and injustice burn, how are you holding the pain of our imperiled world? (See below for antiracist resources)   What’s on your heart as you witness the great unraveling of our economic, social, and ecological systems?  Let’s remember the foundations of our political system rarely benefit people of color, the condors, the water, or the whole web of life.  

Are we living through the gasping death throes of our tenuous democracy into a military racist state?  Or, is this a global healing crisis ushering in a life-affirming future? I don’t know. The uncertainty, fear, and grief have holed up with me in quarantine. All I know to do is to be humble, stay present, and respond as best I can on behalf of life.    

It’s beyond challenging to remain conscious right now.  It might seem easier to shut down and numb out (Netflix and pizza anyone?)  But here is the rub: when we shut down, we can’t source wisdom and guidance from a greater body of knowledge – our living sentient Earth. When we see ourselves as separate, it’s easy to feel alone and scared, so we armor and divide ourselves further. But when we tap into the collective power of life, it is generative and supports us in unexpected ways; alliances are easier, movements arise naturally, we feel called and guided in service of life. 

To stay open and connected to life, we must feel our pain for the world. In truth, it’s not just our individual pain we feel, it’s the pain of our Earth to whom we all belong. When we root deep in the family of life we naturally empathize with all our relations be they black, red, yellow, white, scaled,  finned, or feathered.  

When we come together and liberate our natural feelings about our world, we realize our radical interconnectedness and become the Earth healing herself. It is essential that we do this work now. This precise moment is an opportunity for unprecedented transformation. The Roots of Resilience in Uncertain Times five-part webinar is designed to help us feel our pain for the world, see through a Gaian lens, source from life, and go forth together into the Great Turning of our times. 

I hope you can join us online. The first three cohorts filled quickly. We opened two extra ones; one that I am facilitating with Molly Brown (five spots left) and the other with Constance Washburn.  Sign up soon to reserve your spot.