If your newsfeed is anything like mine, it might seem like the world has gone mad with greed, violence, and conspiracy. However, not all conspiracies plot with hostile governments.  Conspire also means breathing together (con – with; spirare – breath).  With every breath we take we conspire with a generous, collaborative, and democratic Mother Earth. Plants and pollinators cooperate, exchanging sweet nectar as their currency. The majority of trees cooperate with massive underground fungal networks distributing needed resources throughout the forest. Bacteria live cozily within the roots of many pea family members to “fix” nitrogen, making it accessible for the whole community.

You are also a co-conspirator in this vast, intelligent, beautiful web of life. Orienting ourselves from within our Nature offers perspective, balance, joy, and spiritual connection, which we desperately need in these crazy times. As a fellow co-conspirator, I implore you to take the radical act of remembering your Nature.