The National Geographic Society, one of world largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions, has been taken over by right wing media tycoon and owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdock.


As a child I pawed through the magazine and imagined myself in mysterious far flung lands living with tribal women wearing grass skirts. I was mesmerized by the stunning diversity of natural beauty and the myriad of ways humans live within the intricate web of life. National Geographic turned me on to science and indigenous wisdom from around the globe. Those magazines woke up my sense of wonder, made me rethink my cultural framework and by doing so helped me change my relationship to the earth.

And now, National Geographic is owned by a right wing, greedy, lying cheat. The irony is that now, more than ever, we desperately need to foster a sense of wonder, understanding, and true belonging within the web of life because when we change how we relate to nature, we change how we treat the Earth and all of her wild relations.

This is exactly why I founded Go Wild Institute – to help us find balance in the great web of life. And, this is why I have launched our Wild Woman:Your Nature is Calling program that weaves modern science with the ancient awareness that the earth is alive, sentient and sacred. It is an opportunity for women to awaken our natures, build a wild sisterhood and (re)source from the Earth. The adventure begins in February. Come join us.
Come join your sisters!. Please contact us if you have any questions about this program. Early bird discount ends on December 15th.